MUCT Details

This page describes the camera setup and some other details of the MUCT face database.

Camera views

Each subject was photographed with the five webcams shown below. Camera a was directly in front of the subject's face, up to variations in height of seated subjects. No cameras were located to the left of the subject, since those views can be approximated for model-building purposes by mirroring the images from the cameras on the right.


Lighting sets

Ten different lighting setups were used, and each subject was photographed (with all five webcams) with two or three of these lighting sets. Not every subject was shot with every lighting set, to achieve diversity without too many images. The following table gives details.


The full set of images for subject 000, for example, is (in low-resolution):


Manual landmarks


Each face is carefully manually landmarked with 76 landmarks as shown on the right.


The image filenames have the form i000qa-fn.jpg where This naming scheme was chosen to make it easy to select subsets using file wildcards.


For more details, please feel free to contact milbo AT sonic PERIOD net.

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